Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me more about the price, usage, etc. of your products.

 Please find the price and the name of each product, the usage of our products on the webpage.

Is it alright to use your products together with the cosmetics that I have?

 It depends on what kind of cosmetics you are currently using. We will need to understand the detailed situation before introducing a specific usage.
Please feel free to contact us by email, telephone call, or visit our
office for consultation.

Will your products expire?

 For unopened merchandises, the recommended use-by date is within a year. For opened merchandises, we recommend customers to use up the products within 6 months.
However, please note that the recommended consumption time may be shortened due to environmental factors such as high temperature, high humidity, etc.
To maintain the quality of products under the belief of "what you put on the skin is the same as what you eat".
We recommend the above use-by dates to ensure your safety.

Do you have different products for different skin types and ages?

 Yes.  Please find product information and our recommendations on the webpage.

Where shall I keep the products?

 The product is manufactured on the premise of room temperature storage and usage.
The quality of the products may be hindered if kept in a high temperature and humid environment. Frequent changes in temperature may also affect the products.
Please do not keep the products in the refrigerator, and avoid storage in a humid environment such as the bathroom, anywhere that is directly exposed to sunlight such as the location next to the windows, or in a high temperature environment. Please keep the products in a dark and cool storage without refrigeration.

Do you have sample for sensitive skin to try out?

 Customers with sensitive skin or allergy skin who worry about trying new skincare products, please feel free to contact us from the enquiry page.

Is the credit card information secured?

 We are using the internet security SSL encoding technology for our website, and we are paying the utmost attention.
All communications are encoded and the system secures your purchase information and credit card.

How do you handle personal information?

 The personal information of our customers will be used only for the purpose of sending promotional campaign notice, regular after-care emails, and order processing.
Customer personal information will not be used for any other purposes, and will not be disclosed, given, or transferred to the third party.
In order to ensure our customers to use
The Artique with a peace of mind, we strictly manage and protect customer personal information.


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