Florentia Eau de parfum - 100ml - Free Travalo Milano perfume spray 5ml (orange)


Paglieri 1876

Free Travalo Milano perfume spray 5ml (Orange)

Bergamot, Rose, Clove
Cedarwood, Orris, Leather, Styrax
Amber, Tonka Beans, Sandalwood

With Italian Begamot, Indonesian Patchouly and Vetiver, Somali Myrrh essential Oils.

Contains natural raw materials: Italian Bergamot, Paraguayan Gaiac Essence, Somali Myrrh, Indonesian Vetiver Essence, Pink Berries form Reunion Island, Cordiander Essence.


A deep and unexpected, intense and exclusive fragrance captures you with a spicy rose and essence of woods and leather. A luminous and sensual bergamot envelops a scent of roses end orris. Sandalwood and the warm amber notes of leather give roundness to the whole olfactory composition, leaving a sillage of rare seduction.

Travel note:
... I reached Florence with the spirit of rediscovery, in search of a craftsmanship that exists nowhere else in the world. This is why I venture into the narrow streets to look for elderly craftsmen and old workshops. Of Florence I always remember this perfume of Florentine craft paper and I am filled with emotion at the thought that it is the same perfume that the ancient scribes smelt. The scent of paper mingles between the workshops with the smell of tanned leathers and I think that I could continue my tour with my eyes closed. I wonder whether it is also the olfactory memory that makes memories indelible.

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