Japanese Beauty Oil - 100ml


La Sultane De Saba

Ultra-rich and lavish versatile Shea butter. Suitable for all skin types. This balm intensely nourishes even the driest skin.  A true La Sultane de Saba favourite

How to Use:

Take a small amount of butter and melt it by massaging into the skin in circular motions. Focus particular care to dry skin areas. Place the jar into a bowl of hot water to melt or put a knob of butter into microwave for just a few seconds (be careful, it heats quickly).

Key Benefits:

Daily all-over healing moisturiser. 100% pure, natural shea butter, cold-compressed method. Nourishes & protects chapped skin & lips. Prevents & helps reduce the appearance of scarring/stretch marks. Infused with Neroli and Lotus Blossom Flower

Key Ingredients:

Shea - nourishing, balancing, healing

Vitamins A, E & F - naturally occurring in Shea

Lotus - vitamin B, C, calming, purifies, restoring, stimulating

Neroli – relaxing, increases elasticity, regenerating

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