Golden Mask Modeling Mask - 30g (5 Pack)


La Sultane De Saba

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23K Gold Anti-aging series

This face mask is a true cell renewal accelerator, bringing skin-tightening effects thanks to the micronized pearls and an anti-aging power generated by the 23-carat gold presence. Its soft texture brings radiance, especially to dry skins.

Extract of micronized pearls and particles of 23 carats gold.
Fragrances: Cedar and Patchouli

Made in France

Instructions for use:

Apply base cream on face, use cottons to cover the eyebrows, eyes, lips and hair in advance. Mix the powder and approximate 200-220cc of water together and stir until sticky, apply on face and rest for 20-30minutes. Remove the mask and rinse afterward. Please store in cool and dry place.

Caution: Seek for professional advice in advance if needed. Keep it away from hairs, and remove it immediately if it touches the hairs, as it may pull up the hairs when it dried. It is recommended to apply Vaseline or base cream prior of applying the mask to prevent hairs got plucked.

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