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Scented Candle-Lotus and Frangipani Flowers/140g


La Sultane De Saba

Product description:

Journey to the route of Bali  - Lotus and Frangipani Flowers
Captivating combination of plant wax of high quality and rare fragrances, gave rise to true scented gestures, the candles spread their exhalations which fit in a perfect harmony in your home. An art of living which sublimates the house of refinement. It's a thoughtful gift or stylish accent to your home

In Bali, the beauty rituals stem from the natural luxurious island surroundings.  The powerfully scented lotus and frangipani flowers, which are locally cultivated, have been the essence of beauty rituals for generations.  This scented candle with relaxing notes will cast a subtle on you.

Duration of burning: 20-30 hours

Made in France

Instructions for use:

Cut frequently the wick so that it is only one centimeter and check that it is centered and straight.
Your candle will smolder in a regular way. Never let it burn without supervising. Lay down the candle away from draught and any flammable objects. Keep it away from children

Editor's notes:

For more safety and burning duration, recommend you to let it burn for about 15 - 20 mins, when the scent smoothly fill your space and then blow off. Repeat the same procedure whenever it is needed.

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plant wax, plant oil, fragrance Lotus and Franginpani Flowers

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