Even your skin must be protected from pollution!

Even your skin must be protected from pollution!

Pollution is one of today’s most important issues: time passing the consequences of wrong behaviors towards the environment are increasingly showing negative and often irreversible effects, towards our ecosystem, man kind and its health. The respiratory tract is certainly the first to suffer the damage of air pollution but also the skin, that is in direct contact with the external environment, is strongly affected by this situation. Many skin problems currently encountered are related to air pollution. It’s important to protect yourself!

Which skin problems are caused by pollution?

More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and is daily exposed to the risks of pollution, without really knowing the consequences and the importance of prevention!

One skin problem caused by pollutants is the early appearance of wrinkles and blemishes: with the increase of free radicals, the skin loses its tone and elasticity. In addition to this, there’s a strong decrease in production of vitamins E and C, which are fundamental epidermis antioxidants. A polluted atmosphere consequently causes a dirty and obstructed epiderms that doesn’t allow the right cellular oxygenation: in simpler terms your skin will age quicklier and, in a short time, will lose its tone and color, in addition to the risk of incurring in various types of diseases.

Pollution is one of the main enemies of skin health and it’s important to know how to defend yourself!

Strategies to preserve skin from pollution

Protecting your body from pollution is more important than ever to preserve your health and beauty. With some simple precautions it’s possible to prevent skin problems due to the unhealthy atmosphere, just a small daily routine to follow.

Remember to WASH THE CUTIS ACCURATELY with neutral products, a first and simple step to remove heavy metal residues, micro-powders and chemical substances. Get a correct and non-aggressive cleaning.

Apply daily a SUN PROTECTION rich in antioxidants and vitamin E to help shielding the skin and slow down the aging process. Be3 offers you a complete line of sunscreens with incremental SPF and with specific anti-aging effects, which reduce free radicals and protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Follow an EQULIBRATED DIET that allows the epidermis to absorb all the necessary nutrients and maintain a proper hydration.

Protect your skin to ensure the well-being of the whole body. Be3 is by your side, discover all our products http://www.the-artique.com/tw/5_be3


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