Moisturize skin in depth to keep it healthy and beautiful

Moisturize skin in depth to keep it healthy and beautiful

Skin’s main function consist in protecting your organism from the external environment. Maintaining it healthy and treating it correctly is therefore essential to ensure the well-being of the whole body. It has a natural hydration factor, called NMF, which retain the index of moisturization on the skin. The NMF is a sort of protective transparent layer that regulates water’s presence on the skin. This film, however, can be easily compromised and it’s important to treat it correctly. Moisturized skin means healthy skin, and a healthy skin appear also beautiful and radiant. Here some tips to maintain your skin well hydrated:

The benefits of a moisturized skin

Before going to specify what to do to maintain the skin hydration high, we start with defining what are all the benefits that derive from an appropriate skin care.

Keeping the skin properly hydrated allows you to:

  • Get rid of toxins more easily. With the right hydration, epidermis is able to optimally eliminate the toxins present in your body or that come from the external environment, giving you not only a healthier skin,but also a luminous appearance. On the contrary, dehydration leads to redness, irritation and difficulty by epidermis to remove harmful substances.
  • Improve the appearance of the skin. When the water content in skin’s layer is lower than normal, the cutis tends to become rough, cracked and dry, with phenomena of redness and excoriation. Properly mouisturize your skin to ensure an elastic and full skin with a luminous appearance.
  • Slow down the aging process. To prevent premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles, ensure the skin’s elasticity and softness thanks to proper hydration.
  • Avoid excess of sebum and acne manifestations. As opposed to what is usually the common thought, even the most oily skins need a good hydration, since drying up would lead to the production of further sebum and the consequent worsening of the dermis aspect.

Moisturize skin in depth to show off a more radiant appearance, what are you waiting for?

Take care of your beauty!

How to moisturize skin correctly

Skin performs its protective function thanks to the high percentage of water present in its composition: in fact, it’s made up of 70% water and the remaining 30% of substances such as fats and proteins. The skin is a permeable protective layer that also allows heat exchange with the outside, which can however be affected by various factors. Dust, pollution, stress, temperature changes or unsuitable products and cosmetics can hinder the moisturizing process, which must be restored and maintained to ensure the best from your epidermis.

Even skin hydration starts from the inside: it’s important to follow a balanced diet. Try to drink the recommended dose of 2 liters of water a day and enrich your diet with foods such as fruits and vegetables, especially kiwis, apricots and blueberries. Don’t miss out on light foods like yogurt and whole wheat pasta or bread.

Choosing the best lotion that suits your skin is a fundamental step: a dry cutis is a symptom of dehydration and low sebum production. Try to use softening, emollient and non-aggressive products. Skins of this type appear delicate and very fragile, it can lead to hypersensitivity to external agents. Even oily skins, unlike what everyone think, requires good hydration. Indeed, this aspect of the epidermis is often a symptom of profound dehydration. In this case, choose light products with moisturizing and sebum-regulating properties.

Take it easy with Be3 Evolution Hydration Mania, a body spray lotion with a moisturizing, soothing and refreshing action. Used daily it ensures the correct skin hydration and gives you a moment of complete relax, helping in reducing free radicals and oxidative stress. Thanks to Hydration Mania, your cutis will be more elastic and full, thus slowing down the natural process of aging through hydration.

Give your body the best, choose Be3 Evolution products and take care of your beauty.

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